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The Full Story

The concept started on Thanksgiving 2002, when my daughters and I distributed a few holiday meals to homeless people living under bridges in Washington, D.C.  We did the same on Christmas Day and every year since for those holidays.  In the back of my mind I always wondered "what happens the rest of the year?  Who is feeding the homeless then?"

In 2010 both Thanksgiving and Christmas fell on the 25th.  Hence began, "The 25th Project".  We gave out meals every 25th of the month and continue to do so.  This grass-roots effort has grown from 14 meals in 2002, to over 1000 meals each year.  I'm blessed to have many family, friends, and organizations support The 25th Project and help the homeless. 

As T25P has grown, so have our goals.  We have expanded to bring not only food, but also living essentials such as tents, batteries, sleeping bags, tarps, and other life essentials.  Such support is only possible through private and corporate donations.  

In addition to resources, and perhaps more importantly, we provide friendship and get to know each person, their stories, and help restore their name.   T25P recognizes that any dramatic event or situation could immediately change our circumstances in life.

T25P is a 501c3 non-profit organization aimed toward helping the homeless close to home.  

Thank you for visiting our website and supporting us!

- Founder: Jay Herriott

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