Welcome to The 25th Project

The 25th Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the homeless restore their name. We believe that doing One Thing, One Day, One Time (#OTODOT) can make a difference. Our current focus is helping a community of unsheltered homeless in the woods of Northern Virginia by volunteering on the 25th of each month.


Soup N Socks & T25P
Thursday,February 25

For the last 5 years we have run a campaign called "Soup n Socks" for the weeks leading up to the 25th of February. In 2020 - Soup n Socks were collected and distributed in 9 countries, 35 states, 57 cities! 

How it works:

Buy a can of soup and a new pair of socks then place them in a bag. Once you see a homeless person on February 25th give them the bag of Soup n Sock.

If you are not comfortable with dropping them off, than you are welcome to drop them off at any of the the drop off locations listed on our website. You can also help out by donating!