The 25th Project, like other area nonprofits, is not abandoning its mission due to the coronavirus pandemic; instead, it’s adapting in order to fulfill it.

"In the back of my mind I always wondered 'what happens the rest of the year? Who is feeding the homeless then?'" Herroitt said.

In 2010 both Thanksgiving and Christmas fell on the 25th, and thus "The 25th Project" was born.

(Watch the video in the article to learn how Get Up helped The 25th Project.)

It’s mission? Organize 150 volunteers to cook for and feed the homeless in tent camps across Northern Virginia and DC. The homeless doesn’t come to 25th Project volunteers take all of the hot meals to them.

WASHINGTON — If you are feeling grateful this holiday season and would like a chance to give back, there are many ways you can help feed the hungry or bring warmth to people experiencing homelessness.

Volunteers hand out meals, gifts to homeless

December 26, 2016

BURKE, Va. — While some folks were out hitting the stores and returning gifts, others spent the day after Christmas preparing meals and wrapping presents for the homeless.

Helping local homeless have a Thanksgiving meal

November 20, 2016

WASHINGTON — It started in 2002, when a local man ended up sharing Thanksgiving with about seven homeless men in D.C. Now, that one man, with the help of volunteers, is sharing a Thanksgiving Day meal with hundreds of the homeless.

“In just a few weeks, we will be playing a little golf, laughing a whole lot and raising money to help our homeless friends. The purpose of this event is to help get two of our homeless friends out of the woods and into housing on January 25th 2014”.

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